SIMER - Italy

SIMER was founded in 1972.

SIMER began by producing industrial instrumentation accessories, mainly for companies in Northern Italy and especially - given their proximity- those based in Porto Marghera (Montedison, Agip Raffinazione, Enichem). Over the years the market was expanded to meet the needs of industry in Central and Southern Italy. During that period heavy industry, which had been the driving force behind the growth of the Italian economy, steadily began to shift towards the lighter fields of Electronics, Plastic, Food, Pharmaceuticals, Automotive etc. The opening up of these new markets allowed SIMER to expand further.

By the early 80s SIMER was operating in numerous industrial fields and was exporting successfully through several engineering companies (Tecnimont, Snamprogetti, Foster Wheeler, etc.). Since the early 90s a good part of our output has been absorbed by foreign markets.

Today, SIMER exports its products directly to Europe, the Middle East and, indirectly, all over the world (Asia, Africa, South America, Russia).

Products Summary

Compression Fittings

Single & double ferrules and 37° compression fittings

Condensing Pots

Seal pots, condensing chamber, air headers, cylinders & more

Flow Elements

Orifice & flanges, restr. orifices, orifice meters & more

Instrument Manifolds

Forged, bar stock and special instrument manifolds

Level Gauges

Reflex, transparent, tube & magnetic LGs and accessories

Needle Valves

Gauge, multiport & forged needle valves and more

Nozzle & Tubes

Flow nozzle, venturi & pitot tubes, annubar and more


Thermometric elements, thermowells and etc.

Excellent Products

SIMER produces excellent products by utilizing:
  • Modern facilities
  • Highly skilled manpowers
  • ISO 9001-2008 certificate

Modern facilities

Highly skilled manpower

ISO 9001-2008 certificate