Products Summary by Our Principals

ADSII is able to cater for a wide variety of process systems and skids, mechanical equipment, valves, electrical, process, in-line and field instruments, enclosures, panels and junction boxes and other products and systems for your requirements.

The equipment, systems and products are from amongst the world's wellknown principals, having many proven installations around the world. Please visit the individual products for details or download the catalogues and literatures...

Products Summary

Control Panels, Enclosures and System Cabinets

Control Panels and System Cabinets - console, distribution, electronic.

Enclosures - EMC, explosion proof, floor standing, stainless steel, wall mounted.

In-line and Field Instruments

Orifice plates and flanges, venturi tube, couriolis gas flow meters, level gauges and switches.

SMART pressure, diff. pressure and temp. transmitters, pressure and temp. switches and gauges, and more ...


Ball valves, check valves, globe valves, gate valves, plug valves, pressure relief valves.

Actuators, ESD and shut-off valves.

Products Summary

Electrical Products

Cable glands, EEx d and EEx e junction boxes, lighting fixtures, LED lighting, flash light, industrial lighting, navigation aids systems, distribution boards, control stations, grounding control, bus bar enclosure.

Mechanical Equipment and Process Skids

Skids - fuel gas train treatment skids, pressure reducing stations skids, chemical injection skids.

Packages - early production, TEG-MEG packages, hydrogen production packages and more ...

Other Products

IS interface units (isolators, zener bariers, power supplies, etc.), cables, cable trays and ladders.

2-3-5 valves manifolds, instrument tubing and fittings, instrument valves.