Pressure Instrumentations - GEORGIN

Pressure Transmitters, Flow (dP) and Level (dP) Transmitters, Pressure Switches and Pressure Gauges

GEORGIN pressure instrumentations are catered for many applications in industrial and hazadous area locations.

By using leading edge technology in silicon chip manufacturing, GEORGIN's ProcessX pressure and differential transmitters incorporate a high performance micro capacitance silicon sensor. Many options are available for customers to select.

Pressure switches are supplied with different sensors. The most conventional sensing element used in GEORGIN's pressure switches is metallic bellows (bronze or stainless steel). For low pressure, bellows which are too rigid, are replaced by an elastomer diaphragm which is hold in place by two metal plates. Diaphragm technology is also used in cases of excessively high pressure and pulsating phenomena. For very high pressure, the sensor used is a stainless steel tube curved into a C shape which is closed at one end and which changes position under the effect of pressure.
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