GEORGIN - France

Founded in 1939, the "LES REGULATEURS GEORGIN" company has overcome political and economic risks by diversifying its activities overs the last 60 years.

Today, GEORGIN has a staff of 130 people at your service on two sites.

GEORGIN has two areas of expertise, industrial instrumentation and intrinsic safety interfaces. The PHYSIQUE and PHYSAD departments guarantee the quality, reliability and performance of pressure and temperature sensors (pressure switches, transmitters, etc). The PHYSELEC department develops intrinsec safety equiment (barriers, relays, analogue & digital converters, power supply units and indicators).

Products Summary

Pressure Instr.

Pressure transmitters and switches, pressure and dp. gauges.

Temperature Instr.

Temperature converters, probes and switches, bimetal thermometers

I.S. Interfaces

Power supplies, converters, relays, zener barriers, isolators and more .

Remote I/Os

Ex proof for hazardous areas and industrial version for safe areas.


Valve manifolds, diaphragms, thermowells and etc.

New Products

Signal Conditioners SG Series
  • Mounting: rail DIN.
  • Inputs: current, voltage, Pt100, TC sensors...
  • Outputs: 4/20mA, current, voltage.

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Feature Product

HART Programmable Converter: Tia 3 series - DIN rail mounting - ProgressX Family
  • Input: Resistance, Voltage, Resistive sensors, Thermocouple.
  • Output: 4-20mA.
  • Accuracy: <0.1% F.S. or <0.5 °C
  • Models: Standard and ATEX