Exd Distribution Cabinets - TEP Ex

Exd Distribution Cabinets.

TEP Ex manufactures various Exd Distribution Cabinets to be used in hazardous area applications.

A distribution cabinets type R3002 and R3004 is made of steel with Exd flameproof protection type. Closing of the cabinet is of threaded type and is protected against opening by lock switch, so that it can be openend only when it is not under voltage. The units is protected against corosion by its painting inside and outside. Ex d steel enclosures (type R3002 and R3004) and Ex e sheet steel enclosures (type R3003, R3005, R3006) can be used as single enclosures and combinations. The dimensions of the enclosures are so designed that they can be combined into a large modular unit.

A large number of components, such as contactors, switches, instruments and PLCs can be built into these enclosures.
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